Charlie Young and Stefanie Sun having Nasi Padang

stefsun charlie

Recently (Aug 5), home grown singer Stefanie Sun posted some photographs of her meetup to Arab Street with a well known companion of hers — Charlie Young, famous Hong Kong Actress. They borh were wearing face masks which make it hard to recognise them.

They went Sultan Mosque and snapped a picture with it as a souvenir.

They head to Hjh Maimunah Café where they have nice local meal of nasi padang — friend chicken, begedil, siput sedut, tahu telur, sotong masak hitam and vegetables which they feedback was delicious.

Charlie is known for her jobs in films like The Lover (1994), Cold War (2012) and New Police Story (2004). She seems to be on good terms with Stephanie as they have gathering at times.

Concerning Stefanie, she recently shared a video where she trim her own hair — which she seems she pretty with — On Nation day, she will be seen performing with JJ lin.