Five top tips for effective IT security in 2018

Five top tips for effective IT security in 2018

Five top tips for effective IT security in 2018

As being an entrepreneur of a micro business, are you done with the plan of setting priorities for the coming year?  The New Year would always be the best time for small entrepreneurs to spare ironing the goals for the coming year. With a huge concentration on digital transformation, those goals must give priority to an effective security technique.

Either from phishing intrusion or ransomware attack to rogue personnel and viruses, a small scale business encounters various budding risks in its IT  framework.  Keeping data store, servers, user device, and applications safe and secure must be given the highest priority.

The following are the top tips for managing and achieving exceptional IT security for the coming 2018

Be knowledgeable about the value of data.

It is significant that data must be protected all the time just it differs from its categories, some needs more than the others. Unable to access the integral database record of the customers could mean pulling business to its knee and when accidental archived expenditures were deleted would end you in trouble.

Start by examining the various data stores and identify which among them have the greatest impact on the business operations if in case it would be stolen, burn or lost. Once done with its proper identification of the dominant data stores,  aim now at ensuring a protected and accessible data all the time.

Also, give importance to the stability and safety of data hooked into the cloud. In this situation, it is but so tempting to conclude that IT security is a responsibility of the cloud producer, but no, this isn’t the case. Meticulously check what security measures being utilized and if they rendered proper and enough amount of protection.

Choose the exceptional security tools

The IT ‘s level security different from one business to another.  Try to consider collaborating with another external technology team to evaluate the needed requirements and choose the best applicable tools.

These include periphery protection like the firewalls, encryption tools for data protection while en route.

Be reminded of the mobile devices 

With a great big number of business via mobile devices,  it is important to give the highest attention to its security.  Also, mobile phones and tablets must be installed with a working antivirus.

VPN or Virtual Private Network must also be considered so the working staff can easily access applications used on the database in a safe manner even going out to public networks for connection and other business transaction. It is also significant to pre-configure mechanisms having remote data wiping abilities in cases when it would be stolen or lost, contents can easily and quickly be deleted.

Always have regular backups

No such thing as perfectly secure not until it existed in two places or more, so follow a procedure that assures core data stores are always backed up in another physical set up.

Most of the time, the SMEs discover that cases where central data stores that are disabled and deleted affects the backup copy due to same location or office.  Grab the option of installing services which are an automatic off-site backup where it offers continuous protection and stability.

Consider the option of outsourcing your security management

Though SMW has an extensive security firewall, most of the time weakest link falls on the user.  Through opening an attachment which is containing a virus or by dropping on an infected website, a  company programmer or IT can quickly disable the whole IT infrastructure or inadvertently infect it.

The secret is the user’s education.

User education is the key. Conduct regular training or session for all the team members that comprehensively discusses the security threats and the relevant solutions to give.  The important topics to handle includes on how to manage email attachments, the threat of outsider’s USB drives, an option in a situation where there is the presence of suspected malware or infection.  Brief seminars, symposium and discussions to remind the staff of their great responsibilities thus this helps lower the incidents in succeeding months.

The said tips play a role in ensuring SMEs security measures in designated place and promoting the level of protection needed to avoid disruption and losses due to cyber attacks.   Therefore benefits of technology can be enjoyed while associated threats are controlled.

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