Keeping the Kampong spirit alive in HDB estates

Keeping the Kampong spirit alive in HDB estates

Keeping the Kampong spirit alive in HDB estates


It is since decade that the Singaporeans inhabited the whole of Kampongs. It all started in the year 1960 when the HDB began the mass-building of flats until today, more than 80%  of the whole Singaporean population are living in these property blocks and the one standing last Kampong – Lorong Buangkok- still standing in Singapore.

Our HDB property is in well -layout and fully equipped, no doubt, that is guaranteed but has an often complain about these HDB flats is the fading of kampong spirit. But having this newly built property over HDB estates is expected to renew the confidence and love for HDB.

Covered courts or community halls are just the few example of multifunctional community areas that are commonly utilized for big events and a huge crowd. The said spaces are bigger than that stand-alone dome or normal void decks and with the absence of air-conditioning.  Currently, the community halls are often visible in older properties,  matched with a good news, HDB has just closed an agreement worth 6 million with the dynamic Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to enhance social interaction among the occupants thus this will ignite the new estate to build more community halls.

What are the roles of community halls to the public?  MP Teo Ho Pin of the Bukit Panjang officer explained,  the said spaces permit the occupants to communicate during the memorable and significant celebration such as weddings, taiji or known as the line- dancing sessions. Bukit Panjang is grateful for its four halls and proud to claim that its 80% fully booked during weekends. Mr. Teo added that taking part of community’s activities multiplied after the shelters been hooked.

Another great place where community halls are visible is the Nee Soon GRC and it is been said, this is known as biggest community hall over entire Singapore. Found outside of Block 838, Yishun street 81,  counter from Khatib MRT Station, this covered court can accommodate as big as 100 tables and it’s patronized by 15,000 residents as their venue for New Year’s celebration.

Madam Tan, who lives just a few step away from covered basketball court told that is heartwarming to witness a lot of activities done in the community function area which includes environment discussions, free health screening and health and wellness activities. Alexis, Tan, daughter of Madam Teo shares her views,  that community hall is used by millennials and seniors.  “If only all activities such as bloodletting, HIIT workouts, exercise boot camps are planned and evaluated at community halls,  pretty sure, this would catch the younger crowd.


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