Mass Send + Personalise Whatsapp Message

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What is this about?

WAB Sender UI

WAB Sender will mass send + personalise your Whatsapp message to your list, allowing you to connect to new clients and reconnect to your existing clients.

Traditional method to send Whatsapp messages

  1. Add their contact to your phone
  2. send message

If you ever try to reconnect back your existing client on your phone with or without their contact on your phone, you have to add their contact first on your phone. If you try to reconnect 100 clients, it will likely take you couple of hours.


New Ways to send Whatsapp Message

  1. Create your list with csv extension that include columns like
    • Name
    • Contact
    • other variables
  2. Update your csv file
  3. Draft your message and include in the variables like Hi “{{name}}”
  4. Click “Send Messages”

Sit, relax and watch your Whatsapp Messages run in the background.


Things to Note

  • This is NOT A SPAMMING Software. Its for you to reconnect your client and not to spam contacts from A to Z
  • Preferably you send to those whose number is in your contacts and vice versa.
  • Include ONLY contacts that you know or where you can justify the source. Do not random or buy list.
  • Number of Whatsapp messages is not limited by this application but rather, on Whatsapp terms and condition and the quality and quantity of your contacts and messages. If the recipient do not know you nor like your messages, you be “reported” by them to Whatsapp and you might get your account ban. Key is this is the quality of your contact list and messages you draft.
  • Works only on chrome.
  • Always conform to Whatsapp terms and conditions and local country Personal Data Protection Act and Do not Call (DNC) guidelines.
  • Do limit to like 200 messages a day (serve as a guide)



WAB Sender is never a spamming software. However, this is an awesome software for you to reconnect back your clients if you have a long list to reconnect or has a long list of clients whom you have not been connecting.

It definitely save alot of your work in reconnecting your client. Price is also affordable at only USD 2.65 per month.

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