New Record of Coronavirus in Singapore


Singapore Dormitory

Singapore; Singapore hit a new high of Covid-19 virus after announcing 447 new cases on Wednesday (15th April). With the addition of these 447 cases, Singapore now has s a total of 3,699 cases of which, 652 has recovered and discharged.

Most of these 447 new cases are found in dormitories where the foreign workers stayed. These dormitories often are shared bunk where there are many workers staying together in a bunk itself that probably cause the spike in new cases. These foreigner workers are work permit holders.

The S11 Dormitory at Punggol has the most cases with a total of 797 cases after adding 74 more cases today. 17 out of 43 dormitories has since been classified as virus clusters.

Other than dormitories, a new cluster was announced at 234 Balestier road shophouses that are also linked to foreign workers.

For the local cases, there are a total of 38 new cases of which most are linked to known clusters.  Local cases has since “stablises” with about 30+ cases each day as compared to rising cases in foreigner workers.

The Early Childhood Development Agency has a new case from a preschool. Therefore the school will be closed till 23 April.

There’s also no new imported cases since 10 April