Singapore Chest Players get their Award on National Day

Sg Chess

SINGAPORE – Our National chess players celebrate together the Singapore 55th birthday celebration by having their award their pool in the International Chess Federation (Fide) Online Olympiad in 2020.

They were undefeated in each of the nine matchups where they complete first in Pool A, in front of Ireland, Albania, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Monaco, Syria, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Singapore’s top player Kevin Goh hailed the endeavors of the youthful players where nine from the 12-in number crew are below 20 years old – and said their exhibitions look good for what’s to come for the players.

“I was happy to see our young players step up,” said 36-year-old Goh, who turned into Singapore’s first chess grandmaster in this 21 years.

“They were facing some accomplished players  but demonstrate a lot of strength and commitment, from arrangements for the Olympiad to the competition itself, and, however kept their nerve and demonstrated self-control,” included the chess player, who is positioned 738th globally.

Positioned 68th on the planet passing by Fide’s normal rating of top 10 players, Singapore presently move into Division 2, where they will hobnob with any semblance of Hungary, Germany the Netherlands and England. The games set to continue from Aug 14-16.

To advance to the Top Division – and in this manner into the play-off rounds between the best 12 countries – groups need to complete in the best three of their separate pools.

“Despite the fact that we don’t have a good chance for progressing to the Top Division, we still want the team to have a decent battle.

“Anything can occur in rapid games… contending with more grounded players will be a decent learning experience too for our young players.”

The Fide Online Olympiad is is the biggest chess competition this year, a one of a kind online competition that highlights 163 countries and more than 1,500 players.

With current Covid-19, a physical gathering is not possible though Online Olympiad will remind us of significant ideas, the sportsmanship, celebration of diversity, exchanges of ideas and also mutual respect between cultures and people.