URA To Adjust Guidelines If Developers Build Too Many Shoebox Units

URA To Adjust Guidelines If Developers Build Too Many Shoebox Units

URA To Adjust Guidelines If Developers Build Too Many Shoebox Units

Developers have all the legalities of constructing units that come in various sizes, provided they stick with an average size allowed which is 753 sq ft. 

The URA  or Urban Redevelopment Authority released a statement last Wednesday, May 03, that it will interfere if compelled to with building shoeboxes or the so-called “tiny apartments though in the middle of active collective sales fever.

Goh  Chin Chin, the group director of the development  control unit of URA, explained, ” We support the idea that shoebox  units should not be the reason  for a disproportion of the greater portion of the housing stock of Singapore.” This is his feedback over to the latest forum letters of Strait Times.

” We are keenly observing the trend and if needed we are flexible, we can adjust guidelines or protocols.”

Presently, developers are given the chance to erect various condo units that come in different sizes, for instance, a  70 sq m (753 sq ft), which is an average size.

“Under this remedy, developers are recommended to build different sizes of the housing developments to cater multiple demands of the market,”  told Goh.

In one article published in Strait Times last April 25, Paul Chan a forum writer shared his fear and doubts, might there is a tendency for some developers to take advantage over the minimum requirements to construct an unlimited number of shoebox units.

For example, he checked and found, 50 percent of 309 unit Margaret Ville Condo have areas like 65 sqm (700 sq ft) or lesser and at Tapestry, at least over 500 among 861 units measures 65 sqm or less.

With this, Chan appealed that minimum unit must be at least 70 sqm,  and the said homes are not included in the 35 percent of the entire units of the development project.

One Singaporean expressed his concern on too many Shoebox units and he shared,

” I am worried about the concept of shoebox units for Singaporeans. I can not imagine letting my kids grow in shoebox units or spaces with more or less 70 sqm.  I believed such project benefits more the business real estate tycoon than the ordinary family. I am praying that government will realize and protect the interest especially the children by considering a decent and affordable home. “

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